Pulled pork on the Pit Barrel BBQ

This is the dish that made me fall in love with BBQ.

The ease of use and the "set and forget" nature of the Pit Barrel makes this an extremely easy dish to cook.  The capacity of the Pit Barrel allows you to cook for a large number of people - so this is a perfect party dish.


  • One or Two 7lb Pork Shoulder (Sometimes called Port Butt or Boston Butt)
  • Olive oil
  • Pit Barrel Beef & Game rub
  • 1/2 cup Ginger ale, Beer, Pine apple juice or another juice you like the flavour of (Apple juice is my personal favorite)

Cook Time:

5 - 6 hours with a desired internal temp of 90 to 95 deg C (195 to 200 f)


    1. Light your Pit Barrel BBQ as per normal.
    2. Remove the pork from any wrapping, rinse with cold water and pat it dry.
    3. Lightly coat all sides of the pork shoulder with olive oil
    4. Then give a solid dusting using the Pit Barrel Beef & Game BBQ Rub.
    5. Insert a hook into each of the small ends of the roast.  Make sure that the hooks are facing in the same direction, and that you have enough clearance to hang from the rods.
    6. Hang the pork from the rods - you should be in the centre of the barrel.
    7. Cook for approximately 3-4 hours, The centre of the thickest part of the roast will have an internal temperature of 71 to 76 deg C (160-170º f)
    8. Remove the pork from the PBC to a large plate or chopping board, remove the hooks, and wrap it (fat-side-up) in heavy duty foil (make sure to double layer), adding the beer, ginger ale, pineapple juice, water, or whatever juice you like before sealing the foil.  
      Tip: You want to wrap it as tightly as you can without piercing the foil. 
    9. Remove the rods from the Pit Barrel, install the grill grate, and put the wrapped roast on the grate with the sealed/crimp of the foil facing up.
    10. Re-insert the Pit Barrel rods (They should be in for ALL cooks), secure the lid, and continue cooking the pork until it reaches an internal temperature of 90 to 95 deg C (195 to 200 f) which will be in about 1-2 hours.
    11. Remove the pork from the cooker to the serving dish and, open the foil and let it rest for at least 15 minutes.  (Some people like to wrap the pork in a towel and place it in a chilly bin for a longer rest time)
    12. Now comes the fun part - Shred or pull the pork apart with a pair of large forks or by hand, Throwing out any noticeable clumps of fat.
    13. Take the juice left in the foil (after skimming off any fat) and pour over the pulled port to add more flavour and to keep the meat moist.



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