Hot Honey Wings




  • 10lbs of party wings

  • Pit Barrel® All-Purpose Pit Rub

  • olive oil

  • corn starch

  • 1 cup of honey

  • 2 tsps chili flakes

  • 2 tsps apple cider vinegar



  1. Pat wings dry with a paper towel.

  2. Add a small amount of oil to the wings to coat.

  3. Sprinkle corn starch over wings until lightly coated.

  4. Season wings with Pit Barrel® All-Purpose Pit Rub

  5. Light your Pit Barrel® according to lighting instructions.

  6. Before placing on grate, add in your favorite wood chips for additional flavor.

  7. Place the wings in the Pit Barrel® starting on the outer edge, working your way into the middle.

  8. Smoke for about 20 mins and flip; crack lid for the last stretch of cooking to crisp up skin.

  9. Wings are done at 165° but can be taken to 198° – 202°.

  10. Coat in hot honey sauce and serve.


  1. Add honey to a pot over stove.

  2. Add chili flakes to honey and allow to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.

  3. Remove from heat and mix in Apple Cider Vinegar thoroughly.

  4. Coat wings once they have finished cooking.