Ortega Chili Burger

Ortega Chili Burger



  • (2lbs) ground beef, 80/20 mix

  • Pit Barrel® Beef and Game Pit Rub

  • 1 can of Ortega whole green chilis

  • 1 head of butter lettuce

  • tomato

  • sliced cheese of your preference

  • *Hot Tip* add your favorite burger toppings to customize this delicious burger!


  1. Season ground beef with Pit Barrel® Beef and Game Pit Rub and make into patties

  2. Light your Pit Barrel® up using our lighting instructions

  3. Grill burgers until they reach an internal temperature of 160°

  4. Add cheese a few degrees before the burgers reach the proper internal temperature and let it melt

  5. Remove and drain chilis from can. Grill Ortega chilis on grate until a little charred on both sides

  6. Once this chilis are charred on both sides, remove from the Pit Barrel® Cooker and slice. Set aside.

  7. Separate butter lettuce leaves from the main root. Rinse and dry, set aside.

  8. Slice tomato and other desired toppings

  9. Place lettuce on a plate, layer your burger with cheese, sliced chilis, tomato and additional toppings. Wrap another piece of lettuce around the top of the burger.

  10. Serve and enjoy!