Your first time using your Pit Barrel BBQ we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions completely (Yep, I know - reading the instructions - crazy huh!); this will give you a good baseline for how the Pit Barrel works.

Keep children and pets away from the Pit Barrel while in use.

The Pit Barrel should not be placed directly on any flammable surface such as a wood deck or dry grass. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER POUR LIGHTER FLUID ONTO HOT COALS IN THE BARREL.

There is no need to season your Pit Barrel; it is a brand new, purpose built 30 gallon drum with a porcelain enamel finish and is ready to cook with right out of the box. As always, please be careful and enjoy!

IMPORTANT: If you are using your Pit Barrel on a deck, grass, or any other potentially flammable surface we highly recommend placing paver stones or bricks in the designated area under the Pit Barrel.

Please ensure that you use enough pavers or bricks to cover the entire area under the cooker completely. Four 12″x12″ pavers laid in a 2×2 pattern works well.

Setting up for the first time 

Setting up the Pit Barrel is easy as anything - and only has to be done the once.  The Pit Barrel is truley "set and forget".

Adjust the air vent according to your elevation to the settings below:

Pit Barrel Vents

Using the Pit Barrel

  1. Set up the Pit Barrel in an open area (outside!)
  2. Remove Three-point Barrel Stand from inside the barrel and place the Pit Barrel on top
  3. Remove charcoal basket from bottom of barrel and place on ground
  4. Lighting with a chimney: Fill your charcoal basket level, remove 1/4 of the briquets (40) and place in chimney, light the coals with the lid off and let burn for 12-15 minutes for elevations between sea level and 2000 ft. (All other elevations will let your coals burn for 20 minutes.)
  5. If hanging meat, remove grill grate and place metal rods in pre-cut holes. Insert stainless steel hooks through the meat and hang meat from metal rods inside the Pit Barrel, put the lid on and let the meat cook to perfection. Refer to our demonstration videos for more information.
  6. If grilling, remove metal rods and insert grill grate, place meat on grill grate and grill as you would on a standard grill (Lid off).

To clean your Pit Barrel, wait until the barrel and coal basket have completely cooled and dump the remaining ash. DO NOT WASH OR RINSE THE INSIDE OF YOUR PIT BARREL.

Cooking times are approximate. Times will vary due to elevation (the times in our videos are based on an elevation of 2000 ft.), therefore, when using your Pit Barrel at sea level your cooking times will be less.