• Adjusting your air vent
  • Hanging meat
  • Troubleshooting high temperatures
  • Troubleshooting low temperatures
  • Using wood chips


  1. Make sure to adjust your air vent according to your elevation. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver and nut wrench will ensure a tight, secure vent cap. Keep in mind that the recommended settings are approximate and don’t have to be perfect.

  2. When hanging meat, make sure both rods are in place and the lid is secure.

  3. If using a chimney starter to light your coals, starting with too many coals in the chimney or allowing them to burn for too long may result in high temperatures. Please refer to our  LIGHTING YOUR PBC  video for the proper lighting procedure.

  4. High temperatures can also result from an unseated lid. Make sure your lid is secure when cooking.

  5. If your  PBC  is running cool or taking too long to cook, you can increase the temperature by cracking the lid 3/4″ for around 30 mins. You can then reseat your lid and resume cooking. Tip: Cracking the lid is also good for cooking in cold weather or when your  PBC  is loaded to capacity.

  6. Wood chips may be added to the coals for added flavor. One small handful is all you need.