Rib Tacos


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20 minutes

Looking for another way to enjoy your ribs? Check out these Rib Tacos!

Ryan Rainbolt



  • Pit Barrel® All Purpose Rub

  • White corn tortillas

  • Sriracha sauce as needed


  1. Start by prepping the ribs; I used St. Louis style but you can also use baby back for these.

  2. Remove the silverskin from the ribs and pat dry

  3. Apply a generous coating of PB All Purpose Rub to both sides of the rack

  4. Hook the ribs about 2 to 3 in from the top

  5. Fire up your Pit Barrel® and let it come to temp

  6. Hang your rack of ribs from the rebar and add some wood chunks (for Pork, I recommend Cherry and Apple mix)

  7. At about the 3 hour mark take a look at your ribs; if they’re pulling back and the bone moves then they are done.

  8. Pull the ribs from the barrel and let sit for about 5 minutes; pull the meat from the bone (this will looksimilar to pulled pork)

  9. Lay some sriracha down on the corn tortilla and add meat

  10. Serve and Enjoy!!